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4 Star hotels in Rome

A new jewel is sparkling in the range of 4 star hotels in Rome: Hotel Mancino 12 offers top class hospitality.
With the recent opening of Hotel Mancino 12, the fruit of the creativity embodied in the Roberto Naldi Collection, a range of 4 star hotels in Rome, welcomes a particularly special new entry, where class and customer satisfaction combine in an exclusive location at the heart of the capital's old town.
A few steps away from the Colosseum and the Imperial Fora, this new addition to the range of 4 star hotels in Rome sets a new quality standard for top class hospitality in the eternal city, thanks to its stylishly understated rooms that are capable of making guests feel at home, and to the refined elegance of its exclusive suite that fully occupies the top floor of the hotel.
Looking out from the magnificent windows, the eye cannot fail to fall on the rooftops in the centre of the capital that provide a charming backdrop to your hotel experience. Guests can enjoy the sun terrace where they can sip an aperitif at twilight, or have breakfast in the open air. This is one feature that not all 4 star hotels in Rome are able to offer, especially those in the centre of the old town.


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